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Links to Learn More About Tapirs



National Geographic on Tapirs

Encyclopedia Britainnica

The Tapir Gallery – especially for students

About World Tapir Day – a description on World Tapir Day, and Tapirs generally

About Tapirs - description on 4 species of tapirs, distribution, phylogenetic history, and morphology

The Amazing Tapir

Family Tapiridae – From ungulate of the world

Mammals: Tapir – a detailed description on tapir, with photos

15 Cool Facts About Tapirs — Plus Photo Gallery!

Tiago, Tell Us About Tapirs – and interesting game about tapirs! A good way to educate school children.


The Sandiego Zoo site

IUCN Red List - Malayan Tapir

IUCN Red List - Bairds

TSG Tapirs of the World

The Tapir on A to Z Animals

Young People's Trust for the Environment


PDF Downloads


Toucan and Tapir prepare for disaster! – Illustration of a tapir and toucan giving tips guides on hurricane

Malayan Tapir – Denver Zoo Tapir fact sheets (with fun facts)


Good Books


Happy as a Tapir- Book on Amazon.com

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