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  Tapir Specialist Group News Archive 2004 & 2003

2004 Title
December, 2004: Latest issue of Tapir Conservation now available for download
November, 2004: TSG Chair Patricia Medici wins IUCN Leadership Award
October, 2004: Mountain Tapir PHVA in Colombia--Preliminary report on a successful meeting!
September, 2004: Baby Lowland Tapir Born at Chester Zoo
May, 2004: Malayan Tapir Relocation Emergency
15 April, 2004: Baby Tapir Born at Venezuelan Zoo
1 April, 2004: Bairds Tapir Birth at Panama City's Summit Zoo
April, 2004: Three Successful Malayan Tapir Births Last Year at Singapore's Night Safari Zoo
March, 2004: Smithsonian Magazine Article about TSG's first chair Sharon Matola
11 February, 2004: Daily Astorian Interview with TSG Member Sheryl Todd
11 February, 2004: Tapir Deaths by Rat Poison at Sao Paulo Zoo
2 February, 2004: The Tayja-Saruta Project: Conservation of Tapirus terrestris in Ecuador - An Endangered Project
24 January, 2004: The 2nd International Tapir Symposium in Panama City, a resounding success
14 January, 2004: Dedication of Summit Zoo's New Tapir Exhibit
10 December, 2003: 10-week old baby Malayan tapir dies at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

2003 Title
10 December, 2003: 10-week old baby Malayan tapir dies at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

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