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  Tapir Specialist Group News Archive 2005

Confiscated baby Baird's tapir Lucia, Panama . © 2005 Adrian Benedetti
Tapir Rescue in Panama
November, 2005

Summit Zoo's Director Adrian Benedetti writes about his part in finding and rescuing a captured baby Baird's tapir in the Darien of Panama.

The trappers were fined and jailed and the baby taken safely to the Summit Zoo to live with the other tapirs there.

2005 Title
December, 2005: Baby Baird's Tapir Rescue in Panama
December, 2005: Mountain Tapir PHVA Report now available.
November, 2005 Baby Malayan Tapir at San Diego Zoo (links to Sign on San Diego.com)
October, 2005: Busmeat Crisis in French Guiana, Benoit de Thoisy TSG reports from the field.
October, 2005: Tapirs in EAZA's Conservation magazine. (PDF download, 222K, courtesy EAZA)
Sept 12, 2005: Sky One TV in UK broadcasts tapir documentary series "Final Chance to Save..."
Sept 1, 2005: Baird's Tapir PHVA Meeting Photos
August, 2005: "Tapirs, a Flagship Species for Conservation in the Neotropics," by TSG co-chair Bill Konstant. published in August 2005 Communique, AZA's monthly magazine (PDF download from AZA, with their permission)
June, 2005: Tapir Conservation Volume 14 no. 17 now available for download
May 2005: Mention of tapirs in UK Hello! Weekly --notes British comic Vic Reeves' visit to Costa Rica to film a documentary on tapirs
May, 2005: TSG Educational Brochure now available for download! Check out our beautiful educational brochure designed by TSG member Kelly Russo
April, 2005: Charles Foerster's Bairds Tapir Project in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, is featured in the April 2005 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine (584 PDF download).
January, 2005: Article in International Zoo News:
"TSG and its relationship with zoos"

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