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Unless otherwise noted, videos are all shared here from external websites for public viewing. Please contact the individual owners for more information on uses other than viewing online.

New Arrivals - Mountain Tapirs – Recent acquisition of Mountain tapir by a zoo. This video also shows the zookeeper scratching the tapir.


Malayan Tapir Baby: Indah in his new home. – An energetic baby tapir running in Singapore Zoo and at the end of the video it walked into a pool.

Call of a Baird's Tapir - also Malayan Tapir – not really a good audio of Baird’s tapir. A short info on each Baird’s and Malayan tapirs were given.


Lil' Ron the baby Brazilian tapir - about a tapir called Lil’ Ron. Lil’ Ron is a very energetic baby; it runs really fast. Children will love it!


21 Drug Reversal & Release – for adults who are interested in taking care of tapirs.


Just born Baby Tapir (CUTE!!!) – Adorable baby tapir.


Tapir Nose – tapir stretching nose muscles, moving nose.

Malayan Tapir Gets A Grooming From A White-cheeked Gibbon! – Interaction between different species (not in the wild)


A Near-Blowd Experience – active Malayan Tapir in a zoo


Malayan Tapir Baby - マレーバクの赤ちゃん – slow baby Malayan tapir


Endangered Species - Episode One - The Malayan Tapir – a well done video, great for education purposes.


The English Speaking Tapir – for schoolchildren.

Pampalini, Tapir – a cartoon for children.

Lowland Tapirs

Bairds Tapir

Malayan Tapir Mountain Tapir

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