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The Tapir Specialist Group Tapir Photo Collection is an image service provided by the Tapir Specialist Group (TSG).

The Tapir Photo Collection provides quality tapir imagery of all four species of tapir for publication and educational use.

Imagery in our Tapir Photo Collection is provided by TSG members or donated to us by generous tapir advocates. Please read our usage terms and fees.

Usage requests may be made to: Gilia Angell

Image notes:
Most of our image are very large 72 dpi/ppi images, meaning they are better for web use or lower resolution print jobs. Generally, for print use, imagery must be at a minimum, 150 dpi/ppi (preferably much higher). We do have a few images at 200 or higher dpi/ppi.

We are working to get the highest resolution photos from our researchers that are possible. Please check back periodically to see additions to our collections.

All imagery herein is property of the Tapir Specialist Group unless otherwise indicated.

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