Tapir Specialist Group Logo The IUCN/SSC-affiliated Tapir Specialist Group is a global group of biologists, zoo professionals, researchers and advocates dedicated to conserving tapirs and their habitat through strategic action-planning in countries where tapirs live, information sharing, and through educational outreach that shows the importance of the tapir to local ecosystems and to the world at large.

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  TSG Tapir Photo Collection: Terms, Fees & Conditions of Use

Photos obtained from Tapir Specialist Group Photo Collection may be used for personal, editorial or educational publication or use such as slideshows, posters, or presentations. You must submit your usage proposal to us for approval. Depending on the request, image usage may be limited to a one time (eg: print run) use or approved for use for a longer period of time (eg: article on a website).

Our photos are donated to us from researchers and advocates around the world and proceeds from their sale benefit tapir research and conservation. We charge usage fees for most photos to be made payable to Tapir Specialist Group Conservation Fund for image use. Please contact us to discuss specific photo usage.

Terms and Fees

Prints for personal use:
Unframed high resolution photo prints (only those photos 250 dpi or higher are available for these types of prints)
5x7 $20.00
8x10 $25.00
11x14 $55.00

For print publication:
Please contact us for quote.

For use over the web or in a slideshow/presentation:
Please contact us

For use on a non-profit site:
Please contact us.

We ask that you maintain the integrity of each image by not altering it, although color correction and cropping are allowed to fit the use case.

In all cases of image use, Tapir Specialist Group and the photographer or organization must be credited.
Example: [photo] © Photographer Name/Tapir Specialist Group

We are a 100% volunteer organization and appreciate your interest in tapirs. Please honor our terms and conditions by contacting us with any questions about using TSG Tapir Photo Collection photos. Our aim is to create an inexpensive photo resource for one-of-a-kind photos of this charismatic animal.

All imagery herein is property of the Tapir Specialist Group unless otherwise indicated.